Frequently Asked Questions

What types of wigs are available?
A: There are mainly two types of wigs: synthetic and human hair. Synthetic wigs are made from artificial fibers and are more affordable but less durable. Human hair wigs look more natural and can be styled with heat, but they are more expensive.

What is the difference between a lace closure or a lace frontal wig?
A: A lace closure wig will have a lace piece in a 4x4, 5x5, or 6x6 size which will allow for scalp parting in that particular area. Closure will usually provide lace coverage temple to temple or eyebrow to eyebrow depending on lace size.  A lace frontal will have a lace piece that is 13x4 or 13x6 which will allow for scalp parting. Frontals usually provide coverage ear to ear, across the entire hairline.  

Do you offer custom wig services?
A: Yes, we provide custom wig services where you can specify the cap size, length, color, and style. Visit our Custom Wig section or contact us directly to start your custom order.

How do I know what size wig to order?
Most of our wigs come with adjustable straps or caps that can fit most head sizes. For specific dimensions or to choose a size, refer to our sizing guide available on the product page or contact our support team for assistance.

How do I choose the right wig for myself?
We offer a variety of wig types including synthetic, human hair, and custom wigs designed for different needs and preferences. To choose the right wig, consider your lifestyle, the desired maintenance level, and your styling needs. Our product pages provide detailed descriptions to help guide your choice.

How do I properly maintain my wig?
A: To maintain the beauty and lifespan of your wig, always use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to detangle. Wash your wig every 2 to 3 weeks using a HRC sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and styling aids. Allow your wig to air dry on a wig stand to maintain its shape and avoid heat styling tools as much as possible to preserve the hair’s longevity.

Can I return or exchange my wig if I’m not satisfied?
A: All sales are final due to the nature of our products. We encourage you to review all product information and reach out to our customer service team with any questions before purchasing. This policy helps us ensure the highest level of hygiene and customer satisfaction.

How long will it take to receive my wig after I place an order?
A: After the processing period, which varies by product type (3-4 business days for Ready to Ship Units and 7-21 business days for Custom Orders), your order will be shipped. Shipping times depend on the method chosen at checkout and the shipping destination.

Do you offer international shipping?
A: Yes, we ship internationally. Please note that shipping rates and delivery times vary based on the destination. Additional customs fees and import taxes are the responsibility of the customer.

Do you offer guidance on how to wear and style my wig?
A: We have  videos on our social media platforms for beginners to advance on how to properly wear your unit .

How can I make sure my wig stays secure?
A: Use double-sided tape, wig glue, or adjustable straps that come with most wigs for extra security. Also, wearing a wig cap underneath can help keep the wig in place.

Will wearing a wig damage my natural hair?
A: Wearing a wig itself does not damage your hair, but poor wig care and hygiene can. Ensure your scalp and hair are clean before putting on a wig, and avoid tight wig caps, which can lead to hair breakage.

How do I wear a wig if I have hair?
A: If you have hair, you can wear a HRC dual grip wig cap to compress your hair and help the wig fit more securely. Make sure to flatten your hair and pin it up evenly to prevent bumps under the wig. Braiding hair into cornrows is also another option.

What are the best practices for styling my wig?
A: For human hair wigs, HRC Platinum Shine or Diamond Glaze  heat protectants and style with low to medium heat settings. For synthetic wigs, avoid heat and use water-based styling products to avoid damaging the fibers.  For both types, minimal styling is recommended to extend the life of the wig. 

What maintenance is required for a long-lasting wig?
A: Proper maintenance varies by wig type. Generally, wash your wig every 2-3 weeks, store it on a wig stand, and use suitable wig care products.  HRC offers Wig Rehab services where you can send in your unit for regular upkeep and maintenance.

How can I fix a wig that has lost its curls or waves?
A:For synthetic wigs, use steam to bring back the curls. Simply hang the wig and carefully use a steamer to revive the curls. For human hair wigs, you can use curling irons or rollers after washing.

How should I store my wig when I’m not wearing it?
A: Store your wig on a wig stand or mannequin head to help maintain its shape. Keep the wig away from direct sunlight, dust, and high humidity environments. If storing long-term, place it in a silk or satin bag.


What should I do if my wig looks too shiny?
A: For synthetic wigs that appear too shiny, sprinkle a little talcum powder or dry shampoo and brush gently to dull the shine. This can make your wig look more like natural hair.

Can I sleep in my wig?
A:You can sleep in your wig with the proper care. We suggest using flexi rods for curlier styles or twisting hair into a ponytail and wrapping it with satin bonnet or scarf.  You can also use a satin pillow case if available.  You can also remove your wig each night if you have a glueless unit and place on wig stand


Can I dye or bleach my wig?
A: We only recommend dying or bleaching human hair wigs and not synthetic wigs. If you choose to dye your human hair wig, it’s best to have it done professionally to avoid damaging the hair.

Can I swim or shower with my wig on?
A: It is not recommended to swim or shower with a wig on as it can lead to tangling and damage. If you expect to get wet, it’s best to remove the wig or use a waterproof swim cap.

How often should I replace my wig?
A: The lifespan of a wig varies depending on how often it is worn and how well it is cared for. Typically, a well-maintained human hair wig can last over a year with regular use, while synthetic wigs may need replacement every 4 to 6 months.

Are there any tips for making my wig look more natural?
A: Yes, trimming the lace front to match your natural hairline, using the right shade of wig cap, blending some of your natural hair at the hairline, and using Melanin Lace Tint to blend the edges can help make your wig look more natural.

How do I prevent my wig from itching?
A: An itchy scalp under a wig can often be prevented by wearing a wig liner or a soft, thin wig cap. Keeping both your scalp and the wig clean can also reduce itchiness.  Be sure to keep your scalp moisturized and oiled. Suggested products: Anti-Itch and Growth Oil and Decca Plus Satin Tame Spray

What type of wig is best for hot climates?
A: In hot climates, lightweight wigs with breathable cap constructions, such as monofilament or hand-tied caps, are ideal. Choosing shorter or less dense wigs can also help keep you cool.

What should I do if the wig cap feels too tight or too loose?
A: Most wigs come with adjustable straps at the nape. Tighten or loosen these straps to achieve a comfortable fit. If adjustments do not help, consider getting a custom-sized wig for the best fit.

What is the best way to transport a wig when traveling?
A: When traveling, carry your wig on a wig stand or in a wig box to avoid tangling and maintain its style. If space is limited, use a silk or satin bag and gently fold the wig, ensuring it’s well-protected.

Can your wigs be styled with heat tools?
A: Our human hair wigs can be styled with heat tools just like your natural hair. We recommend using our HRC Platinum Shine or Diamond Glaze heat protectant and low to medium heat settings. For synthetic wigs, check the specific product details as some are heat-resistant up to a certain temperature.

Are your wigs suitable for people with sensitive scalps?
A: Yes, we offer wigs with soft, breathable caps that are suitable for sensitive scalps. Look for our hypoallergenic wig options or contact our customer service for recommendations based on your specific needs.

How long can I expect my wig to last?
A: The lifespan of your wig depends on how often it’s worn and how well it’s cared for. Typically, human hair wigs last 1-3 years with proper care, while synthetic wigs may last 6-12 months.  The more you wear your unit the more wear and tear you put on it.  We suggest having 2 or more units to switch between.